Animations of valves' principle      
Balanced Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve with Check Feature

  High rise buildings use 706/707 Pressure Reducing Valve in various water systems (potable water, boiler, air conditioning, etc.), to control pressure fluctuations between floors and/ or rooms.

?Industrial Plants use 706/707 Pressure Reducing Valves between high-pressure water supply system and low-pressure requiring system. Typically 706/707 Pressure Reducing Valves are used in water heaters, water cooling, boiler or other water systems.Depending on flow requirements, 706/707 can be installed in parallel. One 706/707 handles low flow condition while another 706/707 provides desired output pressure. If necessary, additional 706/707 Pressure Reducing Valve can be installed for more flow capacity. At the same time 706/707 Pressure Reducing Valve can be used as the by pass valve of pilot 41-02 series Pressure Reducing Valves

New type Large Flow PRV for household

Rate of flow test of new type PRV for household


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