Animations of valves' principle      
Water Control Valve Basic Valve
Enter Operation Principle

1¡B Positive Seating
2¡B Maintenance Without Removing Valve From Line
3¡B Many Threads, Flanges or Grooves Ends
4¡B Strict Tests and Quality Control in Factory
5¡B Smallest Drag¡BSmooth Water Fluid
6¡B No damage to impurity

  The King-Tech Model 41-00 Water Control Valve, its Basic Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve. It has two parts¡GChamber assembly and Y style body. While maintenance, the air chamber assembly can be removed from the body without dismantling the whole control valve from line.
  The Y style body makes our Valve possess excellent hydro-mechanical performance.The 25¢Mmore flow area makes it possible to decrease the pressure loss. As the water flow goes under the disk, it makes our valve have larger Cv value comparing with the other control valves.
  The 41-00 Basic Valve is the basis of all SB hydraulic control valves. If it is assembled with different pilot, the Basic Valve could be any valve you want. For example, it could be Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Relief and Sustaining Valve, Back Pressure Valve, Solenoid Control Valve, Float Valve and Pump Control Valve, etc. There are many sizes and threads for choice. It can be applied for almost any kind of situation.


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